Raleigh Motus crossbar

Raleigh Motus crossbar

Raleigh Motus cross bar electric bike.

Raleigh join forces with the renowned Bosch ebike system to create the Motus.

The new generation 2 BOSCH Active Line system sees smoother acceleration whilst shifting gear to create the perfect combination of mechanical and electrical pedelec technology, up to an amazing 190km range from Eco mode, and a super low profile and exceptionally quiet middle motor.

SRAM's 10 speed Via Centro gearing covers every base with a broad range of gears for any situation.

Suntour suspension fork, suspension seat post, ergonomic grips, adjustable stem and oversize hybrid handlebar all mean fantastic comfort over any distance.

Braking is covered by the tried and tested Magura HS11 hydraulic rim brakes, all the power without the extra weight of discs, whilst Scwhalbes ebike specific Energizer tyres keep your wheels firmly planted to the road.

A true piece of powered cycling excellence.

Product Code: RAL969
Price: £2000.00 


We do not sell items from our website, we use the website only to display parts of our large catalog. If you would like more information about this or any other product please telephone on 01432-274047 or use our contact form. It may be possible to send items other than bikes to you by special arrangement. Please ask.

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